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Pouya Saadeghi

Product designer & Front-end developer

I'm Pouya, a freelance web developer, living in Istanbul.

Currently I'm working on daisyUI which is a popular open-source UI library.

My open-source projects and experiments are available on GitHub.

You can also follow me on Twitter where I share random ideas or memes.

Or you can send me an email via [email protected], I would be happy to connect.


Dec 2020 - Present


Open-source contributor

Created and actively maintaining open-source projects such as:

  • the most popular, free and open-source Tailwind CSS component library, currently being used in 40,000+ open-source projects
  • placeholder image generator API
  • svelte-countup: component for Svelte.js
  • theme-change: JavaScript theme management package

Dec 2015 – Present


Product designer, web developer at ManaSky (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Designed and developed front-end projects using Svelte.js, Vue.js and React.js frameworks
  • Developed design system for a software development startup
  • Delivered solutions to clients, startups and open-source projects from Europe and North America
  • Designed and developed a website for Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran to register, evaluate and publish tech inventions: